Real Madrid Next and FundingBox sportstech innovation program


FundingBox has teamed up with Real Madrid Next to launch an innovation programme that will scout around for scalable businesses, leading-edge technologies and resourceful entrepreneurs in the sports-tech industry.

Key areas
  • Performance
  • Audiovisual content
  • E-health
  • Cybersecurity& Technology
  • Fan Engagement
  • Social

Access Real Madrid Next’s unique sportstech ecosystem and benefit from their winning-culture experience.

Helpdesk support & Community
Guiding your startup to success in the open call and get access to further funding opportunities

Top mentoring support
3 webinars for applicants and 10 best will attend a 30-min mentoring session.

VIP access to score
Pitch your startup to FundingBox, Real Madrid Next and key program partners.

The opportunity

Equity-free funding
Access equity-free funding opportunities for your startup.

Startup Boost
Connect with one of the largest European Deep Tech ecosystems, work alongside Real Madrid and engage with world-class mentors, and topic related webinars within Score Community.

Global Growth
Take your startup on to a global scale, build connections and attract additional investments.


Startups Applications
Apply to the program by introducing yourself and your project and participate in our sport-tech startups community and platform.

Startups Selection
We will select up to 10 startups per year so we invite you to make your proposal one of the best in the program.

Champions Workout
We will help you develop your startup project, meet with investors and work side-by-side with experts from Real Madrid Next and FundingBox.

Champions Pitch
Showcase and pitch your startup to key selected investors, Real Madrid Next’s Team and FundingBox DeepTech Fund.

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Source: SCORE


Real Madrid Next: seeking excellence in sports innovation

“We want to have a window of good innovative projects to be a reference in the innovation industry in the world of sports and spread our results”, they explain to Vamooos !! club supplies

Focused on six large work areas (e-health, performance, fan engagement, generation of audiovisual content, cybersecurity and technological and social infrastructures), the project was born to seek “excellence and the greatest possible technological advance”, in such a way that this would allow the creation of its own tools adapted to the way of working of Real Madrid. This is intended to further enhance the results of all areas of the club and, in particular, the Sports digital transformation and the globalization of the entire organization.

But what does the agreement with FundingBox mean on a strategic level? Real Madrid qualifies him as “A very important agreement, especially in these difficult times for the economy, research and innovation”. “We will have the opportunity to go hand in hand with startups and high-level innovative companies by taking advantage of a resource like Funding Box. The objective is to develop new tools with these companies, but not only for the club, but we also seek to promote research to develop innovative projects that go beyond our own use, which can be tools to improve the lives of athletes, professional or not, and optimize the environment for sports fans in general, “say the club’s sources consulted.

The challenge of being a world reference

What are the short, medium and long term objectives of Real Madrid Next? The situation we are currently experiencing has forced many things to change, but not the strength of this project with worldwide repercussions. ” In the short term we have to finish defining the areas in which we want to develop projects. We need to analyze and assess all the requests we have in order to select the best projects that we are going to implement. Then we will have to implement them at the highest level and monitor the implementation processes in the club and in the global ecosystem. In the end, in the long term we want to have a window of good innovative projects to be a reference in the innovation industry in the world of sport and to spread our results through congresses, seminars, conferences … ” They explain.

Relations with the international and Spanish Sportstech ecosystem are key in all this and Real Madrid Next is clear about its objective: ” Find the best projects around the world”. ” At the moment we are working with projects that come to us from United States, Israel, Finland, New Zealand or Mexico, to name a few. Of course many Spaniards too. We are participating in meetings where we exchange knowledge and ideas at the highest level of the innovation sector. A few days ago, for example, we participated in the Sports Management Summit LATAM 2020 ″, says the club.

Beyond the elite teams

The concept innovation It is not only focused with a view to the first team but for the entire entity. “ We want to apply innovative best practices at all levels of the club. All the projects that we develop through Real Madrid Next will mean an improvement in all areas of the club. Not only the professional football and basketball squads are going to benefit, but also the quarry, the Real Madrid Foundation as well as the business areas and, most importantly, our fans. Hence the six defined areas: performance, e-health, social, cybersecurity, content generation and fan engagement “, Maintains the entity.

As it transpired in its day, and to cite a few examples, the area of performance works at databases performance of quarry football teams and in training tools scouting, as well as in technological analysis of training of basketball teams. For its part, the audiovisual content area has put a special interest in the virtual reality and the augmented reality, as well as in the creation of automated videos. At the same time, emphasis is also placed on projects related to social or environmental causes. All this with the horizon always marked by that great dream that is scheduled to come true in the summer of 2022: the new Santiago Bernabéu, called to also be an authentic reference in the Olympus of the great stages intended for entertainment.

This will be the new and spectacular Santiago Bernabéu. / Photos: Real Madrid

This will be the new and spectacular Santiago Bernabéu. / Photos: Real Madrid

Assured success

” Real Madrid always strives for excellence and that means that Real Madrid Next, which has just been born, must also work to be leaders in the sector. It is a responsibility that comes with the fact that be an initiative of the most important sports entity in the world ” say these sources when asked about the report Brand Finance Football 2020. In this, Real Madrid is listed as the most valuable football club in the world and the launch of Real Madrid Next stands out.

The challenge for Real Madrid is exciting and will certainly be a success at all levels. The sports industry has one of its great names in the club in the capital of Spain and the Real Madrid Next project is one more step within that leadership





Dear fans and football lovers, I think that we don’t need lots of words to describe how good and wonderful play the football.

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