Thank you, Professor

Best Of The Professor - Youtube intended for Professor Live - Youtube

The love for Humanity. Presented by the Professor around the world. This is what i’m thinking while watching this clip.

Probably the most rewarding thing is watching all the smiles you created on those kids faces. Thank you for what you’re doing this work Grayson Boucher. God bless you exceedingly and abundantly.

Awesome control ball … very humble … not arrogant with people … best character … keep doing it … go visit the world.

Love how you just ain’t all about basketball …you take it back to the streets, give back to the community and try to teach the youth.

This is not only about basketball, this is contributing peace and love to other cultures, our global society.

Thank you, Professor




Greatest Sports Moments


European ULTRAS vs South American ULTRAS


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 Thank you for viewing

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