The Petroleum Industrial Furnace Contractor Ltd

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The Petroleum Industrial Furnace Contractor Ltd was established in 1993. It took over the activity of a former state company and has been successful ever since.

Owing to this, the employees of the company have many a decades’ experience in refractory linings and steels structures in petroleum industry. In addition to petrol-chemical applications we have great expertise in the fields of assemblage, reparation and maintenance of power plant applications, aluminium industrial furnaces and incinerators.

Our main partner is MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Company. Our site is located in the territory of MOL’s Danube Refinery at Százhalombatta – 30 km of Budapest, near the river Danube.

Most of our projects are carried out this refinery: our main profile is the permanent maintenance of steel structures and refractory linings. Our company employs 25 job mechanics, 20 bricklayers and 10 scraffolders. We are proud of the skills and experience of our employees. We keep in touch with partner companies with huge industrial experience with similar field activity, therefore we are able to multiply the number of our workers.

We are in command of wide range of equipment which is necessary for supplying our fields of activity, including such devices that are unique in Hungary and make it possible for us to carry out works even at the height of 300 m.

In our production unit we can fabricate and assemble large steel structures, we can provide making patterns, forms and drying refractory fittings to facilitate a more effective prefabrication.

We have taken part in numerous projects of several multinational companies in Hungary to the great satisfactory of our partners. We have been certified the ISO 9001 quality managment system since 1998.

We have been certified the ISO 3834-2 Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials since 2009.

Production of steel structures

– Production of pressure vessels

– Fire-resistant masonry

– Production / assembly of complete furnaces

            Maleic Acid Anhydride Unit Upgrade manufacturing and assembly
 HDS Unit Upgrade Flue  Gas Duct Stainless steel duct manufact.& assembly
Sulphur Recovery Unit LPG Desulphuruzation Unit No.101
 60 m Steel Stack erection Tubular Furnancemanufacturing and assembly


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