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🌳 Amazonia forever 🌳 ❤️❤️❤️ 🌳 Amazonia por siempre 🌳 ❤️❤️❤️
Salvemos la Amazonia! SAVE THE AMAZON RAINFOREST! Défendre la forêt amazonienne!

Animals That Live In Tropical Rain Forests

A complete list of jungle animals would take you weeks and weeks to read, since there are millions of animals living in the world’s jungles, also known as tropical rainforests. About half of all the animal species on earth—mammals, birds, insects, amphibians and reptiles—would be on that list of jungle animals.

In addition, the world contains many different jungles or rain forests, and the list of jungle animals would be different for each jungle.

However, if we want to, we can make a short list of some of the most interesting jungle animals in each of the rain forests around the planet. We can have a list of jungle animals for each jungle that includes a top predator or two, one or two of the largest animals in that jungle, some primates, one or more reptiles, and some birds.

Here Are Our Lists Of Jungle Animals

List Of Jungle Animals In The Amazon

Top Predators: Jaguars, Cougars, Ocelots

Largest Animal: The Tapir

Rodent: Capybara (The World’s Largest Rodent!)

Reptiles: Anaconda, Bushmaster (poisonous snake) and Caimans (several species; the largest is the black caiman)

Amphibians: Poison Dart Frogs

Birds: Harpy Eagle, Macaws (including the scarlet macaw and the hyacinth macaw)

Primates: Spider monkeys, howler monkeys, capuchin monkeys, squirrel monkeys

Fish: Piranha

Insect: Leaf-Cutter Ant

List Of Jungle Animals In Africa

Top Predator: The Leopard

Large Animals: The Jungle Elephant, The Okapi

Reptiles: Rock Python, Nile Crocodile, Mambas (several species of poisonous snakes)

Birds: Gray Parrot, Crowned Eagle

Primates: Chimpanzees, Bonobos, Gorillas, Mandrills, Baboons, Colobus Monkeys, Bush Babies

Fish: Tiger Fish

Insect: Termite

List of Jungle Animals In Asia

 Top Predators: The Tiger, The Leopard

Bears: Sun Bear, Sloth Bear

Bat: Flying Fox (Fruit-Eating Bat)

Largest Animals: Sumatran Rhinoceros, Elephant, Water Buffalo

Birds: Cockatoo, Black Eagle

Reptiles: Saltwater Crocodile, Burmese Python, Cobra (several species)

Primates: Orangutan, Gibbons, Macaque Monkeys, Langur Monkeys, Tarsiers

Fish: Betta (Siamese Fighting Fish)

Salvemos la Amazonia!  SAVE THE AMAZON RAINFOREST!  Défendre la forêt amazonienne! 

The Amazon Rainforest.

Located in South America, the Amazon Basin is 7,3 million square km wide. The Amazon Rainforest is about 6 million square km, and its majority is contained within Brazil (60% of the forest), Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana, 9 countries in total. Also known as Amazonia, the Amazon Rainforest is located in the area along the equator where the climate is hot and humid, some ideal conditions for a dense evergreen rainforest.

This rainforest is one of Earth main source of oxygen.

The Amazon river has the highest discharge (from 70,000 to 280,000m3/sec during flood season). From the Andes Apurimac where it starts all the way to the Atlantic it is 7025 km long and up to 10km wide. It can be navigated up to Manaus.

The Amazon river and its tributaries (rio Negro, Japura, Purus, Madeira, Tapajos, Xingu, Araguaia, Tocantins…) water the Amazonia from the Guianas plateau North, to the Andes West and the Brazilian plateau South.

In the last 10 years, the Amazon Rainforest lost 500,000 square km (about the size of France), which became pasture for cattle, or farmland for Soybean cultivation. The Brazilian Amazonia annual deforestation rate is the largest globally.

Every four seconds, the equivalent of a football stadium disappears in Amazonia

According to a study published by Science magazine, 42% of the Amazon rainforest could have virtually disappeared by 2020. Yet, it is estimated that at least 60% of Amazonia must absolutely remain untouched for the survival of its own climatic and hydrological system. Below that threshold, what will be left of the forest will dry out and die. As a result, some researchers are warning that should no immediate action be taken to save the forest, the point of no return could be reached within ten to twenty years.

Save the Planet Earth! Innovations & Future Technology

¡Salva el planeta tierra! Innovaciones y tecnología futura

🌳 Amazonia forever 🌳 ❤️❤️❤️ 🌳 Amazonia por siempre 🌳 ❤️❤️❤️
Salvemos la Amazonia! SAVE THE AMAZON RAINFOREST! Défendre la forêt amazonienne!

¿QUE PUEDO DECIR? ,,hermosa imagen de lo que debemos hacer con la MADRE TIERRA,,protegerla.

Salvemos la Amazonia!  SAVE THE AMAZON RAINFOREST!  Défendre la forêt amazonienne! 








For years, Antonio Vicente begged his neighbors to listen to his warning. The water in Pouso do Rochedo, Brazil, was going to disappear and, with it, so would the life in this piece of the rainforest. And he was right. But now, after dedicating the last 40 years to reforesting his land, the water is coming back…and it is all thanks to him.






THE FUTURE HAS ARRIVED The farms of the future


Renewable energy, innovation, recycling, green technology projects






Herbal & natural products, fruits & vegetables, biomass compost. Excellent business opportunity!



Mineral Water Bottling Plant For Sale ( 1 MP + 5 DWB ) You can read this business offer in EN – CN – العربية – FR – RU – DE – HU languages



Bioenergetics, Climate Protection and Biotechnological Plant, Greenhouses, Alga Colonies



Microcontroller Operated Fish Feeder System for Intensive Fish Farms – NEW PRODUCT FOR GLOBAL MARKETS



Climate Change and Global Warming  ¡Salva el planeta tierra! Innovaciones tecnológicas del futuro



The OCEARCH an collaborative, inclusive and open-sourced project to geared to helping scientists collect previously unattainable data on animal movements from deep in the world’s oceans.
Track sharks, whales, turtles, seals, dolphins, alligators



Coming soon the robot marketing and 3D Internet, hologram shops, robots, cyborgs, responsive tech and wacky self-moulding objects, and life after AI……


Business Development – Innovations & Future Technology



Established in 1990, our company, Intercontact Marketing Network Ltd., is a  business organization, whose main aim is to help companies find appropriate business partners, manufacturers and explore investment opportunities.

Intercontact company website on Internet since 1997 work continuously.

We are in connection with several companies, Embassies and Commercial representations of numerous countries. These relations are based on mutual exchange of business information. So in cooperation with these organizations we are trying to help the foreign and domestic companies to find the best partners for their needs.

Our business relations are extended on 80 countries of Europe, Amerika, Africa, Asia, Australia, and we obtain a large number of information, business requirements from them, and we send them information regularly of our partners as well.

Our company is concerned in:
– representing foreign companies with a full scale of administration
– selling products, general trading
– export-import consulting
– manufacturing capacity binding
– contacting producers and sellers
– market-research, advertising, promoting work
– obtaining, planning and manufacturing means
– production, and managing all the things you need
– exploring business opportunities for investors.

These acitivities focus mainly on the following sectors: metal industry, woodworking, plastic and building industry, food-processing, the electronic sector and related trading and services.

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