Discoveries – Hubble’s Universe Videos

Hubble's Universe Video Miniseries

From our own solar system to the distant reaches of space, Hubble’s observations have triggered scientific breakthroughs and expanded our understanding of the cosmos. The Hubble’s Universe video series highlights some of Hubble’s most intriguing breakthroughs over the past three decades.

Episode 1: Solar System Surprises

The Hubble Space Telescope has led us on a journey of discovery through our cosmic neighborhood, showing us the dynamic, changing solar system that we live within. It has captured storms on nearby planets, found previously hidden moons, and glimpsed passing visitors from interstellar space.

Episode 2: Milky Way Marvels

Thirty years ago, the Hubble Space Telescope opened a new window on the universe. Through that window, we’ve seen wonders across our Milky Way galaxy. From the birth and death of stars to baby pictures of planets, these are some of Hubble’s Milky Way marvels.

Episode 3: Intergalactic Elegance​

Hubble has unlocked a universe vast and filled with wonder. It studied galaxies merging in a cosmic dance, and found powerful jets emanating from around massive black holes. It uncovered the “dark energy” behind universal expansion and mapped the dark matter that connects galaxies. Through it all, Hubble has revealed an intergalactic elegance that stretches across the universe.


Producer / Editor
Bradley A. Hague (USRA), NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

Solar System Surprises: “Minimal Fiber (Loop)”
Paul Lipson [BMI], Universal Production Music

Milky Way Marvels: “Limitless”
Andre Tavarez [BMI], Sebastian Barnaby Robertson [BMI], Universal Production Music

Intergalactic Elegance: “Silver Lining”
Bernhard Hering [GEMA] and Matthias Kruger [GEMA], Ed Berlin


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