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We are sourcing for innovative-entrepreneurs, renewable-energy, bio-fuel, automotive projects, clean-tech projects, waste-recycling projects, forestry-timber conversion projects, plastic recycling and mining/mineral exploration projects with capital growth potentials.



Renewable Energy – Innovation – Recycling – Green Technology Solar Energy – Water Management – Cleantech – Ecosystem Enviroment Protection – Projects Business Development – Innovations & Future Technology

We are looking for renewable energy consulting firms to cooperate and partner with in designing and implementing renewable energy innovations and strategies that will help in reducing the demand of conventionally produced electricity.



We are sourcing for innovative-entrepreneurs, renewable-energy, bio-fuel, automotive projects, clean-tech projects, waste-recycling projects, forestry-timber conversion projects, plastic recycling and mining /mineral exploration projects with capital growth potentials.


More so, we are willing to take-up capital funding into these projects. If they present minimal risk with optimal revenue projections.

General eligibility: Applicant is required to submit a detailed business plan that demonstrates the viability of the business and project, detailing the borrowing requirement.

Whether you are a start-up energy business looking to launch a pilot project, a company with proven technology that needs help reaching commercial scale. The offer is available to both new and existing business.


Currently we are looking for operational solar power plants and small wind farms up to 3MW open for sale in EU.


Currently we are looking for operational solar power plants and small wind farms up to 3MW open for sale in EU. This is a good exit possibility for the owner without engaging it to a big portfolio.

Our investors (project buyers) originate from the EU. We are interested in operational projects for wind and solar up to 10 MW. Price from 100K to 10M EUR. We need a valid PPA to be on the place for the project. Acceptable if there is leverage from the bank.

Or there can be an unconstructed project, with development finished, due diligence done, and reference that the bank is ready to provide senior debt. In this case, we can provide a mezzanine loan or purchase the right for the full project but on specific conditions. This projects should be smaller up to 3MW.

Be on the green side!


We are looking for international renewable energy consulting firms


The holding we represent, is participating in Independent Power Producers programmes initiated by the South African government’s Department of Energy.

Our company is looking for renewable energy consulting firms to cooperate and partner with in designing and implementing renewable energy innovations and strategies that will help in reducing the demand of conventionally produced electricity. Conventionally produced electricity is energy produced by processing coal. This method is not sustainable and also increases carbon footprints and thus pollute the environment.

Proposals on how the demand of electricity may be reduced may be send to us Proposals must be in a five (5) to ten (10) pages summary and/or synopsis format. For further information interested parties may at Intercontact Ltd.

Partnership details shall be further discussed with the preferred consulting firm and/or firms. We looking for professionals business people and companies in the Investment and Marketing sector from all the world.

The cooperation with Intercontact enterprise to partnership details shall be further discussed with the preferred consulting firms.



Know how for sale

Our method offers an excellent solution to handle the engine oil contaminated waste bottles.


In all of the industrialised countries occurs thousands of tonnes such kind of waste, which landes in the incineration companies, and after burning couses a lot of dangerous gases and greenhouse effect. For example in Hungary approx. 2000 to/year is the quantity.

Instead of this bad solution we developed recycling system.

The method is very profitable, plus the machinery is capable to recycle other plastic materials as well.


The steps of recycling:

Collecting: it is written in the environmental rules, that the collecting of these bottles is compulsory, because it is so called dangerous waste

Sorting: on a conveyor belt, eliminating the metal, glas and other solid waste materials

Grinding: on conventional plastic grinders

Mixing: with the necessary ingredient(s) in conventional plastic mixers

Regranulation: in special plastic granulator extruders

There is no need to wash out the oil contamination from the waste, so you can save the cost of it and the cost of waste water treatment.

The engine-oil bottles are made of HDPE with very good mechanical strength, so the recycled material has an excellent quality as well.

We can send a small amount of sample of our recycled granules so you can check the quality of it.

A special advantage is that the machinery which is necessary in the recycling plant ( conveyor belt, grinder, mixer, granulator, extruder) are convertible to the other types of plastic recycling or plastic processing so you can use the overcapacity to produce other plastic materials.

The total recycling cost is 0.4 Euro/kg,so you can get a very good quality granuled HDPE material at such a low price!!! Please compare it to the up to date HDPE prices!

This know-how is based on our patented method and for sale.

More information can be found at

45 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN THE PLASTIC INDUSTRY  Recycling know-how for sale



Purchasing and extending company and working.

Purchasing bioenergetic machines and equipment, Glass house development.

Implementation of the alga colony, Current asset investment.


Description of development

The present trends in the economy allow a new profile. More precisely, with the help of renewable energy sources, electricity can be produced for selling and supplying our own sites, as well as for the implementation of glass houses, then for the formation of alga colonies.


Our aim is to fully use and sell the plants grown on an area of almost 4000 hectares. Mainly the selling of corns, secondly supply to the existing livestocks, thirdly the use of the remaining plant wastes as biomass, and producing it back into the farm as electricity.

As a result of this we can develop the number of livestocks, and we plan to establish glass houses on approximately 9-10-15 hectares.

This way the production of the so called vegetable garden plants (tomato, green pepper, cucumber,etc.) can be implemented as well.

More information can be found at 

Bioenergetics, Climate Protection and Biotechnological Plant, Greenhouses, Alga Colonies





Business Opportunity / Energy – Water Management – Cleantech – Ecosystem – Biogas and Biofuels – Ecosystem Services – Projects – Innovative Technologies


May we call your attention to the herebelow business opportunities with EU funding assistance as sent by one of our business network members.

Rural Energy including mini-grid and off-grid: Sustainable energy solutions for rural communities which promote mini-, off-grid and hybrid renewable energy solutions to improve energy access.

Biogas and Biofuels: Biogas and biofuels initiatives which involve the demonstration or implementation of innovative technologies.

Sustainable Water Management: Innovative and effective interventions which promote water conservation and demand management.

Sustainable Human Settlements, the built environment and green buildings: Solutions which promote private sector participation, tests new models and builds local government capacity.

Industrial Cleaner Production and Consumption: Initiatives focusing on improving industrial resource efficiency particularly those which demonstrate additionality.

Ecosystem Services: Projects that promote actual investments in the sector with clear implementation models for investment in ecosystem services.





Save the Planet Earth!

Business Development –  Innovations & Future Technology


Intercontact is an international business network for manufacturers, exporters, importers, wholesalers and worldwide service providers. 

Established in 1990, our company, Intercontact Marketing Network Ltd., is a  business organization, whose main aim is to help companies find appropriate business partners, manufacturers and explore investment opportunities.

Intercontact company website on Internet since 1997 work continuously.

We are in connection with several companies, Embassies and Commercial representations of numerous countries. These relations are based on mutual exchange of business information. So in cooperation with these organizations we are trying to help the foreign and domestic companies to find the best partners for their needs.

Our business relations are extended on 80 countries of Europe, Amerika, Africa, Asia, Australia, and we obtain a large number of information, business requirements from them, and we send them information regularly of our partners as well.

Our company is concerned in:

  • representing foreign companies with a full scale of administration
  • selling products, general trading
  • export-import consulting
  • manufacturing capacity binding
  • contacting producers and sellers
  • market-research, advertising, promoting work
  • obtaining, planning and manufacturing means
  • production, and managing all the things you need
  • exploring business opportunities for investors.

These acitivities focus mainly on the following sectors: metal industry, woodworking, plastic and building industry, food-processing, the electronic sector and related trading and services.

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First of all we would like to thank everyone for their cooperation and attention, connections from all over the world. 

Intercontact Business Development since 1990

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Business Development – Innovations & Future Technology – Investment


Kapcsolódó kép


Business Development – Innovations & Future Technology – Investment


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Save the Planet Earth! Innovations & Future Technology



Toyota AI Ventures Launch New $100M Fund



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The OCEARCH an collaborative, inclusive and open-sourced project to geared to helping scientists collect previously unattainable data on animal movements from deep in the world’s oceans.
Track sharks, whales, turtles, seals, dolphins, alligators


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