Acceleration program for world class entrepreneurs to do business in Chile | EN – ES


Startups from all over the world are invited to apply for Startup Chile

Call for Applications: Seed – Acceleration program in Chile for Global Startups with a Functional Product and Early Validation

Seed accommodates early stage entrepreneurs who will strengthen the enterprise environment, support the culture of innovation in Chile and connect with Latam to grow from our region to the world

Equity free money

The startup will receive an equity free fund of CLP $25MM (40,000 USD), which is towards 90% of total program costs and through either reimbursement or an advance payment plan. The founder/startup must provide 10% of the remaining funding. Applicants can apply for an additional CLP $25MM to stay in Chile, which will also give them an extension of the program to 14 months total.

Accelerations & 6 month experience

During your 6 month experience in Chile, Start-Up Chile will accelerate and support your business, through a full acceleration program + access to both national and international corporate network, investors, mentors, and global partners to scale to new markets. You will also be a part of an inclusive and energetic environment with other like-minded entrepreneurs to have the experience of a lifetime. The project duration could be up to 9 months, which may be extended only once and for up to 1 additional month.


Foreign teams will be provided with a one-year working visa, free coworking space, and a full soft-landing process. All teams will have access to the Start-Up Chile community which includes up to $100,000 USD in perks such as Microsoft BizSpark, Facebook Start, Amazon Web Services and many more.

Application Deadline: August 27th, 2019 at 5 pm (GMT-4/Chilean Time)

Source: Start-Up Chile




Programa de aceleración para startups con producto funcional y validado

¿Qué estamos buscando?

Nuestro programa de Seed busca atraer emprendedores con un enfoque global a hacer negocios en Chile. Seed acelera estados tempranos de emprendimientos que reforzarán el ambiente empresarial, ayudarán a formar la cultura de innovación en Chile y se conectarán con Latinoamérica para crecer desde nuestra región hacia el mundo.

Dinero libre de participación

La startup recibirá 25 millones de pesos, equivalentes al 90% del subsidio, en forma de reembolso o cuotas. El 10% será aporte de la startup/fundador. Además, las startups de Demo Day tendrán la oportunidad de una extensión por 25 millones de pesos adicionales.

Aceleración y experiencia por 6 meses

Durante los 6 meses de experiencia en Chile, Start-Up Chile acelerará y colaborará con la startup. Además entregará la oportunidad de compartir en un ambiente creativo y diverso con personas de más de 30 nacionalidades, lo que genera una experiencia inolvidable.


Los equipos de trabajo extranjeros tendrán una visa de trabajo por 1 año y todos podrán acceder a los beneficios de hasta $300.000 USD (ejemplo: Microsoft, Facebook Start, Amazon Web Services y otros) y un espacio de cowork hasta 9 meses, libre de costos.

Cierre proceso postulación: 27 de agosto, 5 pm (GMT-4/horario Chile)

Source: Start-Up Chile


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