Use your imagination to create your beautiful life

Imagination and creativity is what brought the world that we now live in to us. Moving forward lets imagine a better world, business, and institutions to create something even better.

Imagination has no limits and creativity knows no bounds. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.

Numerous specimen of the Strandbeest evolution on music of Khachaturian’s Spartacus. It open the archives of fossils. Theo Jansen’s work since 1990. He tries to make new forms of live on beaches.

His animals get their energy from the wind so they don’t have to eat. In the future he wants to put out in herds.

Remember, behind every Leonardo da Vinci, Tesla, Einstein, etc. there are hundreds of other geniuses whose names we will never know.

teoAnimaris Umerus, Scheveningen Beach, Netherlands. Courtesy of Theo Jansen. Photo by Loek van der Klis.



We love ❤️ Earth | We love ❤️ Mars | We love ❤️ Space 


Apply to be a United Nation’s Young Champion of the Earth 2019



STARTS Prize 2019 – Creativity and Innovation at the Crossings of Science and Technology with the Arts



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We love Earth | We love Mars | We love Space



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