EU Call for Proposals: Space hubs (support to startups)

The challenge is to increase the number of initiatives for start-ups, scale-ups and entrepreneurs in the space downstream and upstream sectors (such as Incubators, Accelerators, Hackathons or AppCamps), provide solutions to accelerate the growth of space scale-ups and the commercialisation of their products, engage small and medium enterprises in space innovation, especially those not traditionally involved in it, and reduce as much as possible the entry barriers to SMEs for Horizon 2020 to develop space-enabled solutions.


To organise effective initiatives at local level for:

-support start-ups, scale-ups and entrepreneurs in the areas of applications, especially in connection to Galileo and Copernicus (although not exclusively),

-spinning-in/-out (i.e. application of marine, atmosphere and terrestrial solutions to challenges in space and vice versa) and solutions in support of the commercialisation of space.

Initiatives shall be complementary to the actions developed at EU level (such as the SME Instrument, Copernicus and Galileo Masters, Copernicus Accelerator, Copernicus Incubation Programme, European Institute of Technology (EIT) Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs)) and should aim to build bridges between local and European initiatives.

They shall also integrate training/raise awareness on the data, information, resources and tools available within the DIAS environments and embrace best practices from these environments, as an enabling element in support of the development and scaling-up of start-ups.

The Commission considers that proposals requesting a contribution from the EU of EUR 1 million would allow this specific challenge to be addressed appropriately. Nonetheless, this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals requesting other amounts.

This topic contributes to the Horizon 2020 focus area “Digitising and transforming European industry and services”.

Expected Impact:

  • Generation of new initiatives at local level (such as Incubators, Accelerators, Hackathons, Appcamps) complementing those at EU level;
  • Creation of new start-ups and applications notably through awareness raising activities and initiatives to facilitate technology transfer;
  • Generation of new services oriented solutions allowing innovative financial support frames;
  • Growth of the number of start-ups in Europe;
  • Growth of scale-ups in Europe;
  • Increase the commercialisation of scalable and cost-efficient solutions.
Dateline for submission: 12 March 2019 17:00:00 Brussels time
Source: The European Commission

New waves: Lilium is part of a fresh generation of design-led light aircraft shaking up an industry with new concepts.


Lilium is a new ultralight two-seater electric electric powered plane for personal use, designed by four German engineers. Although taking off and landing like a helicopter, by rotating its engines it also functions as a very efficient fixed-wing aircraft that can travel at up to 400 km/h and have a range of 500 km.


Vertical take-off and landing: Its swiveling ducted fan engines would allow it to take off and land vertically, requiring only 15 square meters of flat land to do so.


Everyday aircraft: Co-owner Daniel Wiegand says, “Our goal is to develop an aircraft for use in everyday life. We are going for a plane that does not need the complex and expensive infrastructure of an airport.”


Maiden flight success: A prototype has undergone testing in Germany and proved its ability to transform from hover mode to forward flight mode in mid-air by tilting its 26 electric jet engines. The company is developing a five-seater air taxi version.
Source: Lilium


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