For sale at a great price: Rosen product – Organic Honey – Frozen fruits from mountains!

For sale at a great price: Rosen product – Organic Honey – Frozen fruits from mountains !

Approx. 1.6 million produced in Hungary rose tree sale.

These types of roses are available easy commercial, because no licensed protected, anywhere in the world can freely circulate. The producer can with full-color packing images are also able to deliver for the big stores of Europe and any country in the world.

Quantity pcs Free roots   Euro/pcs Packed roots  Euro/pcs
0…… bis 50.000 0,78 0,93
50.000 bis 100.000 0,76 0,90
100.000 bis 200.000 0,73 0,86
200.000 bis >> XY pcs 0,71 0,84

Free-root rose stem: ……………… cca +/- 50 – 60.000 pcs can fit in 1 truck

Packed Roots colour pictures:…. cca +/- 30 – 32.000 pcs can fit in 1 truck

Root-packed half-done rose stem:

500 pcs fit in 1 wooden container

60 x 500 pcs = 30.000 pcs fit in a truckRoot-packed

450 pcs fit in a wooden container 20 pcs fit in 1 cardboard box

52 x 450pcs fit in a truck= 23.400 pcs 28 boxes = 560 pcs fit on 1 Europallet

Root-packed in green bag 33 pallets = 18.480 pcs fit in 1 truck

Rose stem in container:

275 pcs per 1 CC trolley

30 CC per truck (or 38 or 42 CC) = 8.250 pcs (or 10.450 or 11.550 pcs)

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We are waiting for exporter, importer, producer, industrial,  and commercial companies who want to open trading company in Europe, and  representation office in Budapest. Please inform us about how do you want to do it, where, and so on, and we will help you to find cooperators or whatever you need to achieve your goal.
We can guarantee partnership network for the presentation of patents and inventions, coupled with consultation. We undertake to manage and to introduce new products into the inland just as into the foreign markets.
Exploring investment opportunities for investors, founding joint ventures, trading consultation, ensuring paid-work and outworker background belongs to our services as well. We take arrangement of  Eastern and  Central Europe businesses, as well foreign representation of firms.


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