Long-term investments in small-to-medium size sustainable aquaculture business

Aqua-Spark is an investment fund with a focus on sustainable aquaculture businesses around the world. The small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) we invest in are working toward the production of safe, accessible aquatic life, such as fish, shellfish and plants, in ways that do not harm our oceans. Our investors value the fact that each investment aims to create triple impact specifically, each investment is chosen for its potential to generate significant financial returns while also activating positive environmental and social outcomes.
Practically speaking, Aqua-Spark’s investment strategy is designed with the idea that…

We make initial investments of €250,000 to €5,000,000 in small-to-medium sized sustainable aquaculture businesses around the world.

We do not seek controlling stakes in our investees. We prefer to be a minority investor in the businesses we support, holding between 20 to 49 percent. We’ve chosen this tactic for two reasons: first, we feel the extra eyes and ears of other committed, engaged investors are a great asset to the investment as a whole, and, second, we want our entrepreneurs to have the flexibility to manage and grow their business on their own terms while also ensuring that we have enough influence should it be required.

To have the best chance of selecting winning opportunities we will invest 90% of capital in companies that: 

  • have proof of concept and are ready to scale
  • are existing businesses that want to expand

10% of capital will be invested in riskier, earlier stage investments. For example, in:

  • disruptive new technologies
  • disruptive new uses for existing products

Once investment opportunities are identified, extensive due diligence is being performed by Aqua-Spark, along with input and support from our advisory board, and an extensive network of experts in the field of aquaculture and entrepreneurship.

Investment criteria:

To be considered an eligible investment the venture will need to demonstrate some or all of the following characteristics.

  • a strong and experienced management team which is financially committed to and rewarded by the company’s success
  • a strong competitive position as a result of superior technology, innovative products, comparative cost advantage, established market position, significant barriers to entry and/or dominant distribution in its market
  • with respect to expansion funding, a reasonable expectation of earnings growth based on past financial performance or a strong likelihood of new market success;
  • with respect to start-up or early stage funding, a sound business plan with proof of concept that presents a convincing opportunity to establish a competitive business in a growth market

Application Deadline: Open deadline

Source: Aqua-Spark




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