Unique, small, medium and large series of metalwork – quality manufacturing company



Year after year, the private metal industry company trying to comply the growing needs, expectations and requirements of its partners.

The company can only look back on a history of 5 years, but these 5 years are characterized by continuous development and improvement in the field of metalworking. They strive to make their partners not only suppliers but also strategic partners. It is important for them to carry out the manufacturing process precisely within the deadlines. Delivery is also available on request.

The company operates in individual production, small, medium and large series. The parts they produce are delivered by the customer to several large companies in many countries in Europe.

Manufactured parts are present in many areas of the industry:
– Automotive
– Food industry
– Construction, etc.

Technical possibilities:
– Cutting: – Automatic saw up to 350 mm in diameter
– Lathe: – Universal lathe up to a diameter of 300 mm and a length of 1500 mm, accuracy: 0,03 mm (bar permeability 65 mm)
– CNC lathe: up to 200 mm in diameter and 300 mm long, accuracy: 0.02 mm (bar permeability 45 mm)
– Milling: – Universal milling machine 800x300x300 mm, accuracy: 0.05 mm
– CNC milling 3 + 1 axis 400x400x400 mm, accuracy: 0.02 mm
– Heat treatment: Refining, cementing, softening, hardening up to 1000 C. Dimensions of heat treatment stove: 350x550x750 mm
– Grinding: Shaft grinding up to 360 mm diameter and 1500 mm tip distance
– Bore grinding: up to 700 mm in diameter and 500 mm long
– Surface grinding: 750x300mm


Currently, their market position is stable. Thanks to continuous relationship building and high-quality work, we have been able to find and retain their customers, and their goal is to build further new relationships.

They undertake the production of small and medium as well as large series.
They are available with a free bid for custom production.

Their greatest virtue, beyond excellent quality:

Reliability, credibility (which customers can also experience through a phone call)
Their work is always fast, accurate, ready on time, in professional quality.

Further detailed information can be requested from the IMN. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


IMN Business Development  CN – EN – DE – FR – RU – IT – ES – HU


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