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Specific Challenge:

Due to the increasing Digitalisation of ATM, more and more data is being recorded and even more data will be recorded in the future. This data could be used to improve operations e.g. by creating a common situation awareness among stakeholders and support their collaborative decision making towards measuring and communicating about ATM performance attributes, safety, security etc. and contribute more efficient organisation of the entire mobility system.

Additionally, data can be used for research and development purposes, like comparing new concepts with current operations. However, there is historically some technical barriers and reluctance to make data available to other stakeholders for various reasons, e.g. concerns regarding the costs of making data available, insights into business decisions that may be revealed or lack of knowledge how data can be shared while protecting privacy.

The challenge is to overcome the barriers for the benefit of stakeholders and the ATM system as a whole.


Proposals should develop innovative concepts supporting and simplifying storing, cataloguing and sharing of data between stakeholders and address this from different perspectives: operational, technological, economical and legal. Different types of data could be considered, e.g. operational data, performance data or safety data.

Research activities should identify the benefits that could be achieved by sharing data between stakeholders. They should investigate which technological solution should be used and which architecture would be appropriate for a potential platform to allow for a cost-efficient and secure provision of data. Proposals should explore potential business models of making data available taking into account the related costs of preparing and proving data and the ownership of date.

Proposals may also investigate the need for regulations for generating, distributing and exploiting ATM data (i.e. enforcing more open data). Additionally, they may investigate concepts for allowing the use of private data while respecting the confidentiality of the data sources, i.e. the usage of secure computation methods and other cryptographic approaches that allow data to be processed without disclosing the information (e. g. zero- knowledge outsourced computation).

Research activities could also investigate how data could be made available for research and third-parties and would allow prototyping of innovative data-driven applications.

Proposals should investigate one or several use-cases. For example, proposals may investigate sharing of operational data like planned and historical runway configurations, LIDAR readings on final approach, STARs in use, sector configurations, AMAN and DMAN planned time or radar data. Proposals may also investigate how performance relevant data could be shared across stakeholders and with the general public to communicate and increase the awareness of ATM performance.

Proposals may also focus on accident and incident data, study the availability in different European states and other counties and investigate how the availability of this data could be increased in order to improve safety. This research may include sharing of safety data through EASA and/or the NSAs, or propose complementary channels.

Expected Impact:

Depending on the selected use case, research activities could contribute to improving ATM performance in different Key Performance Areas like safety, cost-efficiency, capacity or others. The specific benefits expected by selected use cases should be identified in the proposal and further investigated in the project.

Deadline:29 August 2019 17:00:00 Brussels time

Source: The European Commission





Iris will provide a safe and secure text-based data link between pilots and air traffic control (ATC) networks using satellite technology. The programme is developed under a public-private partnership between ESA and Inmarsat, and will help relieve pressure on the aviation sector’s congested radio frequency communication channels. It will so as part of the European Commission’s Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) masterplan to modernise Europe’s air traffic management. (Credit:ESA)


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