Sunflower oil price offer and specification from Germany

Price Offer and Specification

For the 5 test containers we would like to offer our brand with a german label.
With increased acceptance, we can talk about a private label. (Since we have been delivering containers to China since 2012, we have all the necessary certificates.)
The first order should be received 2-3 weeks before delivery
We can gladly send you a sample bottle. You can only make a purchase in writing.
In accordance with our “General Conditions of Sale and Delivery”, we offer you a non-binding agreement as follows:

Sunflower oil
Price: 1.0 liters PET: 0,92 € / bottle
Period: 2019 April / May
Payment: 100% pre-payment
Packaging: 15 bottles per carton, 54 or 63 cartons per pallet, 1,800 cartons / 30 pallets per FCL 40 ” Please note that our prices are calculated based on daily crude oil prices, so they are only valid for the respective day.
Glasses: 0.5 liters 0.75 liters 1.0 liters 2.0 liters 3.0 liters 10 liters

For further inquiries, we are happy to help you.


Sunflowers oil Specification








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