The Genesis Project

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First of all we would like to thank everyone for their cooperation and attention, connections from all over the world.

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We would like to call your attention the hereunder offer and partner seeking message arrived from one of our Intercontact business network member.

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Business Opportunity/ Ultimate Twin Machine Centre – Technology / Joint Venture

What kind of locality and electric energy needs has this complex milling-turning machine manufacture:

The size of the neccesary manufacturing site is: 2x 2500 square metre building, with 8 metre hearoom, with 2x 25 tonna and 2x 10 tonna craned lines and with natural lighting,together with the connecting 250 square metre sized offices + other 250 square metre sized social part for the workers.

The neccesary energy need: 10 000 KW/h, 600/380/220 V and connection to gas,water and sewer etc.

Acces to high loaded eighteen-villers and/or acces to wagons.

I finished my here under product, the “twin” turning-milling MachineCenter, which milling capability is 4 axes. The great L/D proportioned parcels (when it’s milling, when it’s turning) without supporting, it can work automatically so the adjustment in the working area of the machine is not necessary! In the course of milling, the machine is able to make use of the two working area collectively. This time it’s able to mill either synchronized the great parcel from two sides with two spindels.

Thanks to the extreme rigidity of the machine, it’s able to use (for the work piece) the machining-operations in strung position as well as the use of ceramic and diamond cutting tools!


When with the pallet changing, the work piece change is happening too, the machine (without set up distress) is able (it depends on the program) to mill and turn.

Presently, the machine is in the prototype manufacturing tract. The full detailed concept is done, now we are working on the finish-analisys!

The minimal sufficient capital worth (calculated in Hungarian proportion) is about 25-30 million USD. It contains the machine factory and the Genesis integrated technology platform too!

The selling-worth of the full project non-exclusive manufacturing admission assignment (with the ready machine projects, prototype, and the license of the technology franchise sistem) is 20 million USD.

Without string, the full project (100%) is 50 million USD. Furthermore I would like 5% business share of the materialized project manufacture!

This business model (machine factory + own machine production + Genesis-platform + technology franchise) is able to indemnify long-term the biggest profit for the owner with the guarantee of the thrift and production safety in any part of the world!!

Thanks to the high utilizable-flexibility of this Ultimatione MachineCenter is can be used in every industry. You must calculate with: the size of the component, and the limit of the roughing axes of the necessary parts.

The strong point of the design can be experienced best, when the machines of the concurrency “can’t manage it.” The parcels should be made of complex, multiple, pretender high accuracy and superior area.

The machine can be used exquisitely in the military, motor-vehicle, machine-tool, aerial, medicine industries.

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