Herbal & natural products, fruits & vegetables, biomass compost. Excellent business opportunity!


We are looking for herbal & natural products, fruits & vegetables, biomass compost buyers / importers


Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of any healthy diet. Having full awareness of this fact, we make every effort to make sure that our products are of the highest quality and freshness, cooperating only with the most reliable manufacturers.

We offering natural organic products such as honey, herbal distillations, herbal teas, medical herbs, organic drinks, mineral water, aromatic plants, dried flowers, dried fruits,nuts, high quality sources from Hungary, Central Europe.

We are interested to export our trading goods to Middle Eastern countries markets. Please send us your comments and mentioned market requirements as raw material or final product for future cooperation.

Intercontact Ltd is looking for long-term business partners to create a reliable relationship.

We are welcome all kind of long term supply agreements. We will be pleased to send samples for laboratory analysis.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information. E-mail: imnltd@gmail.com

The BIOMASS COMPOST remendy for soil, which improves the nutritional content of prominent depleted soil stimulates soil life, improves soil fertility.

The BIOMASS COMPOST remendy for soil, which improves the nutritional content of prominent depleted soil stimulates soil life, improves soil fertility.

– The contect of micro-nutrients essential for high yields and plant nutrition.

– The impact of our land the compost?

– It fills up the nutrients depleted soils, poor living flora

– The contect of organic matter and humus formation’s ability to prevent rapid leahing of nutrients and retention in sandy soil.

– Organic matter and humus improves the structure of heavy soil. Give it a try!

Product featurs:

– Appearance:

preparation dark brown, earthy,homogeneous, frable, rich in nutrients , high organyc matter


– Benefits:

Reduced leaching of mineral fertilizers agents (Sodium loss ) and

– Increased accumulation of nutrients (P2O5), the micro-nutrient contect promotes

nutrient uptake.

– less drug use is a profit to the producer, wich contributes

– Decline in soil and rainfall conditions resulting from loss of active ingredient as well.

Recommended Use:

The high yields and rich soil life fills an essential material int he soil is barren, but use of proven costeffective.

– In Field production 5-20 t/ha

– In vinyards 5-15 t/ha

– In orschards 5-15 t/ha

– In greenhouse vegetables cultivation 1-5kg/m2

– To horticultural soil mixes 75-150 kg/m3

– Reclamation plan, as defined int he soil

– Improving Soil

– To Landscaping


40 liters bags and bulk

The slow process of humus!

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