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Bioenergetics, Climate Protection and Biotechnological Plant, Greenhouses, Alga Colonies

Purchasing and extending company and working

Purchasing bioenergetic machines and equipment, Glass house development

Implementation of the alga colony, Current asset investment

Introduction of the product

Description of development

The present trends in the economy allow a new profile. More precisely, with the help of renewable energy sources, electricity can be produced for selling and supplying our own sites, as well as for the implementation of glass houses, then for the formation of alga colonies.

Our aim is to fully use and sell the plants grown on an area of almost 4000 hectares. Mainly the selling of corns, secondly supply to the existing livestocks, thirdly the use of the remaining plant wastes as biomass, and producing it back into the farm as electricity.

As a result of this we can develop the number of livestocks, and we plan to establish glass houses on approximately 9-10-15 hectares. This way the production of the so called vegetable garden plants (tomato, green pepper, cucumber, etc.) can be implemented as well.

  1. Purchasing of two Co.Ltd. with the adjacent properties, machine and equipment parks, and taking over the leasing contract of the agricultural land of almost 4000 hectares required for production.
  2. Purchasing bioenergetic machines and equipment. Internal development of the plant. Purchasing new, modern, high capacity machines and equipment that are suitable for electricity. Purchasing small vehicles and trolleys for use within the site.
  3. Glass house development: with the use of the electric and thermal energy produced by us, growing vegetable garden plants with commercial plant methods. Purchasing packaging machines and internal transport vehicles.
  4. Implementation of the alga colony: energy production from the accumulated plant wastes and animal manure.
  5. Current asset investment: purchasing basic material and increasing the number of livestock.

Business modell

The intensification technology, the increase of efficiency and sustainability are provided by the BeBiCliEnv bioenergetics, climate protection and biotechnological plant part with EU EACI registration, which is adapted to the biogas power plant, and converts its harmful gas emission into energy and alga products (gas emission with zero glass house effect), and also produces further biotechnological products that related to the major activity.

For the acceleration of the fermenting process, we accelerate basic materials with the use of a procedure that has a Hungarian cutting technology patent. To the effect of intensification, the fermentor volume is reduced by 30%, with a biomethane production increased by 80% compared to the traditional technology.

The adjacent thermal- and cooling energy of the electricity production by means of a gas engine (trigen energy use) is fully used for the activities performed in the farm such as (cattle breeding, dairy farming, forage drying, mushroom growth and processing, alga and biotechnological products).

The biogas power plant and the BeBiCliEnv plant are operated with common staff, infrastructure and control technology.

Further development options (microbiological, biotechnological product diversification for functional foods, forages, medical and balnotherapeutic purposes) may result in an additional efficiency increase of 35-40%.

It is an agricultural land area with a machine park, animal breeding farm, cattle stock of 1000 animals, vegetable garden on 400 ha used for rotation of crops on 2,600 ha to produce corn, and for production of basic materials to biogas operation. Humus supply to the arable lands is provided by the biofertilizer side product of the biogas plant.

Return without BeBiCliEnv: 5.25 years

Return with BeBiCliEnv: 2.25 years

The additional cost of workplace creation is maximally compensated by the intensification with BeBiCliEnv.


Further advantages of the project

By locally selling the locally produced food, the population will receive high quality, always fresh food at a reasonable price.

Most of the employees do not have qualifications, and as it is not hard physical work, it is available to the most endangered target groups as well such as women over 55, or disabled persons e.g. in wheelchair, or with hard-hearing or autism.

The project can be also integrated in education, as it well illustrates the option of environment conscious thinking and healthy eating as well. Within the frame of the project, practically any bioculture can be grown, such as medical herbs, vegetable garden plants or fruits.

With the implementation of the project, we have the aim to provide a pilot project, and to spread the technology and to make the Hungarian countryside an important and competitive participant in the domestic food production again, as well as to create workplaces and stop the process of depopulation in small villages.

For this purpose the project will be open to those who are interested in it, and as a donor organisation we are ready and willing to train those in operation who plan similar projects in the future, and provide technical assistance for planning.

Our technology presents an opportunity for communities, municipalities, regions or even nations to process and make use of their waste. They can produce green energy by optimally exploiting their own communal, industrial and agricultural waste.

Even their fossil energy resource dependence can significantly be reduced.

With our technology, any type of hydrocarbon based waste material can be processed, and energy can be produced with ZERO emission of harmful substances.


Future strategic aims

The full use of the already existing arable lands. By means of using the vegetable wastes and organic animal manure produced there, the implementation of a complete bioenergy production plant.

We intend to sell 90% of the electricity produced there on the market, and we intend to use the remaining 10% electricity together with the produced thermal energy for the operation of the glass houses.

As a result of project developments, we can also greatly help workplace creation in the region. We can provide permanent job for almost 120 persons, and we can provide seasonal/temporary job for almost 70 persons.

Green energy is the future, even in gardening. Due to the high speed of technological development, solar energy has become the flagship sector of green energy. We are building a system that allows sustainable, simple and cost-efficient solar energy use, as well as meets gardening needs.

The glass houses provided with innovative glass house roofs optimised for solar energy utilisation are excellently suitable for the installation of solar cells so they provide a high return of the investment.

Within the glass houses there is a steel gutter to divert drained water from the surfaces of glass and solar cell elements, so the contamination settled on the panel surfaces will also reduce, and rainwater will be collected and returned into the aquaponic system thus promoting efficient water management.

In the garden fish breeding is implemented in fish tanks, and the water of the tanks is circulated in other plant beds. So no arable land, no chemicals, fertilizers or other substances will be used, nutrient supply is provided by the fish manure, and it is sent to the plant roots by means of circulation.

Fish is not fed by artificial fish nutrients but by germinated seeds produced in the part of the glass house for germination. Thus the whole biological balance of the glass house is practically maintained by the implemented eco-system, without any chemical intervention.

In addition to this, the electricity needed for the operation of the glass house is from the energy produced by the solar power plant, and heating is provided by geo-thermal energy, which means we practically produce bio-food with zero CO2 emission






Bau eines Biogasbetriebs mit 1,2 MW in Südungarn

Erweiterung des Familienbetriebs für Gemüseanbau und Aufbereitung (auf 1300 Tonnen/Jahr beim Anbau und 1500 Tonnen / Jahr Gemüseaufbereitungsbetrieb )

Vorstellung des Biogabetriebs 1,2 MW

Das Betrieb funktioniert mit einer 50%-igen Kapazität mit der sogenannten Alga und Archea Technologie. Ihre wichtigste Eigenschaft ist, dass es hier keine Abfallanlieferungen benötigt werden. Dagegen wird die von Gasmotoren, hergestellte Kohlendioxid völlig aufgebraucht, was wiederum der Nährstoff für die Algenproduktion ist.

Es ist eine sehr wichtige Lösung im Hinsicht auf die  Kohlendioxid-Quote.

Die Leistung der anderen 50%-ige Kapazität des Betriebs wird durch allgemeine Anaerob-Fermentation gesichert. Die Grundstoffe dafür wird zum Biogasbetrieb angeliefert.

Es ind unter anderen: Grünabfälle, Betriebsabfälle und sonstige aus der Tierhaltung erübrigte Abfälle.

Durch diese Technologie wird als Endprodukt 27.000 Tonnen Biodünger hergestellt und 1,2 MW Strom produziert, wobei man davon 100 KW für den eigenen Verbraucht einbehält und 1,1 MW werden eingespeist.

Vorstellung des Gemüseanbau- und Aufbereitungsbetriebs

Auf einem Gebiet von 5 Ha werden Gewächshäuser aufgestellt, deren Beheizung von dem Biogasbetrieb gesichert wird. Dadurch wird ein ganzjährige Gemüsenanbau ermöglicht.

Es wird die Kohlendioxid-Dünger eingeführt, was ebenfalls eine erhöhte Erntenmenge verursacht.

Auf 15 Ha Gebiet wird Freiland-Gemüse angebaut. Es hat auch Vorteile: man kann die Zusammensetzung der anzubauenden Pflanzen, Gemüsesorten leichter mit dem Marktbedarf abstimmen.

Es können folgende Gemüsesorten angebaut werden: Paprika, Tomaten, Gurken, Mais, Kürbis, Auberginen. Die Erntenmenge ist zwar niedriger, aber dafür auch die Anbaué und Unterhaltskosten auch.



– Grösse der Biogasanlage: 35.000 m2

– Grösse der Freiraumgemüseanbau: 150.000 m2

– Grösse der Warmhausgemüseanbau: 50.000 m2

– Grösse der Sauerungsbetrieb: 6.000 m2


– Paprikaproduktion am Freifeld, 150.000 m2, 8 kg/m2

( Ackerlandausnutzungsgrad: 90% )

150.000 m2 x 90 % = 135.000 m2

Paprikamenge: 135.000 m2 x 8 kg = 1.080 Tonna / Jahr

Paprikaproduktion, unter geheiztem Foliazelt: 20,0 kg/m2, 50.000 m2

40.000 m2 aktiv Zeltfläche

40.000 m2 x 20 kg/m2 = 800 Tonna / Jahr

Ackerlandgrösse: 135.000 m2 + 40.000 m2 = 175.000 m2

Die Heizungsenergie wird durch in der Biogasanlage erzeugende Wärmemänge gesichert.

Bemerkung: Wegen die Übersichtlichkeit haben wir die gesamt Produktionswert auf Paprika gerechnet. Bei sonstigen Produkten ( Tomate, Gurke, usw. ) im ganzen Grossen sind die Verkaufspreise gleich, und deshalb die Produktionswerte sind auch gleich.

Sonstige Aspekte

Das Unternehmen kann für nicht rückerstattende (staatliche) Förderungen bewerben, wessen Wert kann sogar 30% der Investitionssumme erreichen. Von diese Summe möchten wir jene Entwicklungskapital zu decken, welche die Einführung neuen, bisher nicht bekannten, wettbewerbfähigen Produkte sichern würden.

Die Lage der Entwicklung: Es sind Ackerländer mit sehr günstige Naturalbegabungen in der Nähe. Die notvendige Arbeitskraft steht zu Verfügung. Für weitere Investitionen sind noch Grundstücke vollauf frei.



Projekt bemutatása.

1,2 MW-os Biogáz üzem építése.

1880 tonna/év termelésű zöldségtermelő mezőgazdasági üzem, 2000 tonna/év kapacitású zöldségfeldolgozó és konzervüzem – létesítés a Biogáz üzem mellé.


Üzemek ismertetése:

1,2 MW-os Biogáz üzem ismertetése.

Az üzem 50%-os teljesítménnyel, un. „alga és archea” technológiával működik. Jellemző tulajdonsága, hogy nem igényel hulladékbeszállítást. Ezzel szemben messzemenően felhasználja a gázmotorok működése során keletkezett széndioxidot, mely táplálja az intenzív algaszaporulatot. Széndioxid kvóta szempontjából igen jelentős megoldás. Az üzem másik 50%-os teljesítményét eddig általánosan alkalmazott anaerob fermentáció biztosítja. Az alapanyagot tehergépjárművel szállítják be a biogáz üzem telephelyére. Alapanyagok fajtái: Zöldhulladékok, feldolgozó-üzemi hulladékok, trágyafajták, stb.

A technológiai folyamat során 27.000 tonna végtermék, azaz biotrágya keletkezik, mely kiválóan alkalmas szántóföldi trágyázásra. A hálózatra feltáplált teljesítmény 1,1 MW, a belső üzemi fogyasztás 100 KW.

Zöldségtermelő, zöldségfeldolgozó és konzervüzem ismertetése.

5ha-on intenzív fóliás termesztés lesz kialakítva. A fóliasátrak fűtöttek lesznek a biogáz üzem technológiai hőtermelése felhasználásával. Ez gyakorlatilag egész éves zöldségtermesztést tesz lehetővé. Széndioxid trágyázás is be lesz vezetve, ami tetemes hozamnövekedést biztosíthat. A végtermékként keletkező folyékony trágyával fognak hatékonyan trágyázni.

15ha-on szabadföldi zöldségfélék termesztése lesz bevezetve. A szabadföldi termesztésnek előnyei is vannak. Könnyen lehet módosítani a különféle termesztett zöldségek arányát a keresletnek megfelelően. Szabadföldön lehet paprikát, paradicsomot, uborkát, csemegekukoricát, tököt, padlizsánt, stb. termelni. Kisebb a termelési hozam, de a ráfordítások is arányosan kisebbek.

A zöldségfeldolgozó üzem fűtését és technológiai felhasználását a biogáz üzemben keletkező hőmennyiség biztosítja.



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