The Future is coming! Faster than we like


Don’t worry, the robots don’t take over the world…yet. However, humans are programming them to do some crazy stuff. What we now consider to be just robotic, the technological advances in artificial intelligence getting to the point where humans are essentially in the stage of programming the end of humanity.

Humans are naive if they think that AI will not control this planet we call Earth. It’s not will they rule, it’s a question of “how” they will rule.

Robots will probably take over the world someday in the future. Robots have the advantage over humans by being able to live forever, plus they can be way stronger and more resilient. They are immune from disease and can solve problems very quickly with the correct coding and software. They will have no problem taking over.

Emotions ( which makes us human) is our single downfall which “AI” has not, and will be the root of our demise.

Technology is advancing so fast we cannot predict what will come in the next few years. Robots will soon take over jobs, daily tasks, and humans will have less and less to do. Self driving cars are now already being made and who knows what we will create. But one creation gone wrong could spell the end of humans.

Robot will be a living element one day. Sure they will rule the world because they are getting smarter each day with the input of information to them everyday.


Coming soon the robot marketing and 3D Internet, hologram shops, robots, cyborgs, responsive tech and wacky self-moulding objects, and life after AI…





Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The robots are coming



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