Digital Sport Platform. Integrated telemetric physiological and tactical training platform



We are looking for sports clubs, football associations, health centers in the worldwide international market

A user-friendly software application helps to play back the sport activity in 2D and 3D on a computer screen after the trainings, making it possible to analyze the whole training process.

The System is a complex version and we recommend not just for soccer clubs, but for other sports clubs – athletic – handball – swimming – horse sports – fitness – etc. club and associations – and health centers also interested. Use and application possible very wide market area everywhere.

The telemetric module may also be important for the head-coach of a national team, or head-coach of a club, by allowing distance real-time observations of the players.

Team sport analysis and management.

All in one system!


Sport Specific and Functional Physological Approach and Management System

Get to know our innovative, unique telemetric system for monitoring vital (ECG, temperature, physiological characteristics, etc.) and motion (speed, step, sprints, motion style, performance, reaction time, position, 2D animation, etc.) parameters of patients, which allows measurements in real time and monitoring!

I-QRS’s mission is to carry out applied research and innovative development projects mainly in these fields. We have developed a sophisticated, highly sensitive, real-time, on-line, tele-, biometric data monitoring, warehouseing and analysis package.

– Our product range includes wearable wireless data-gathering devices
– Software for all-around, real-time analytics and monitoring
– Every function for measuring vital and motion parameters is integrated in one chest belt, no other hardware equipment has to be worn!
– ECG signal (with 1000Hz sampling) and players field positions (for exercise and training match animation) during sport activities are measured as well!
– Our mobile system is applicable indoors and outdoors as well!


The Technology

1. Our sport specific telemetric applications monitors the vital and motion signs of the player continously. It records and transmits data in real-time by simply wearing a comfortable chest belt. Every function is integrated into the chest belt, no other hardware equipment has to be worn!
2. The local computer receives the signals, uses automatic data-analyisis and alarm algorithms,
3. The trainer and doctors may use the local computer to analyse the signals



The main parts of the telemetric system

Chest belt

– measures the vital and motion signs of the player
– user friendly, flexible and comfortable, rechargeable, water resistant
– the electrodes are integrated in the belt
– automatically detects its placement on the body

Local Computer

– receives the signals
– automatic expert system processes the signals


The modules of the system

1. The chest belt

Measured parameters
– ECG (the electrodes are integrated in the belt itself) with 1000Hz sampling rate
– body temperature, ambient temperature
– motion sensors (speed, acceleration, total number of sprints, covered distance, step number, motion analysis)
– Players field position (exercise and training match animation for analysis)

The attributes of the chest belt

– user friendly, flexible and comfortable mobile/wireless signal recording device
– can be used all day long during moving around, running, sleeping or engaging in sports activities
– very easy to use, it is suitable for children and senior players as well
– the electrodes are integrated into the belt
– rechargeable, water resistant
– includes a wireless communication module in a compact form
– automatically detects its placement on the body
– can store up to 2 months of data



2. The Telemetric module

Transfers the data even during sports activities through wireless connection to a local server.




On-line Functions:
1. Simultaneous monitoring of many players
2. Continuous, real-time detection of all signals (ECG, temperature, movement, …) with trend analyses
3. Heart-rate detection
4. Real-time transmission of signals to a computer, their on-line analysis, and monitoring of various metabolic processes (such as the changes of temperature e.g.correlation of ambient and body temperature)
5. Point out the aerobe and anaerobe phases – to determinate the ideal personal pulse value for optimal soccer exercise loading (based on special test measurements)
6. Real-time training execution conroll
7. Measurement of mechanical performance (speed, step number, step frequency, distance, performance, motion style, reaction time)
8. Comprehensive analysis of arrhythmias is possible during exertion
9. Displaying the whole ECG signal, so the artifacts can be identified.
10. Comparison of the mechanical and physiological performance

Every data is based upon on individual’s specific test records. The data collected from the various turning and shifting measurement functions may also help monitor performance in case of exercises and ball handling done in one place.


3. The Reporting module

Real-time reports with graphs in 5 seconds (/series /exercise /training)

– max / min / average heart rate
–  percent of personal maximal heart rate
–  covered distance, step number, sprint number,
– step number/sprints, step frequency
–  min / max /average speed, percentage of personal speed maximum
–  heart rate graph
– performance graph
– temperature graph
– speed graph



4. The Exercise Physiology decision support module

The examination protocol includes a wave and rhythm analysis conducted in a state of rest. These state-of-rest data provide information on the patiens / sportsman’s psychological and physical condition before the loading of the match / trainig starts.
– ECG and heart rate analysis
– 1kHz sampling
– detection of even slight fevers
– various mathematical and statistical measurements of the selected part of the record
– (HRV, standard deviation, Poincare diagram, Spectrums, PNNx, …)

Thus, within team sports, it is possible to elaborate and apply individual training plans in accordance with each sportsman’s individual loadability.

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5. The Animation module

With the help of the tactical counseling support module the movement of players on the field and their techniques may be monitored and also played back in 3D format after the trainings, making it possible to analyze the whole process of the training, the movements of the players, their performance and the various performance indicators and physiological characteristics attributed to each player.
The animation system operates inside and outside as well.




6. Data Management module

General modules connected to the telemetric system support the administrative management of data.

Novelties of the system
The medical, physiological, sport, electrical, artificial intelligence research background integrated into our telemetric system makes our product unique on the globe.

General new features
– Continuous tele-monitoring of all ECG and other signals without the use of separate electrodes
– Monitoring the development of health problems, detection of their precursors – not only for cardiac diseases
– Vital support for rehabilitation –  The detection of precursors is refined on a continuous basis –  Patients may be referred to medical service providers in time for prevention –  Continuous monitoring of biological parameters that could not be monitored before
– Databases developed on the basis of the measurements may be utilized in various researches


New features in the sport

1. By wearing a small device attached to a chest-belt the system measures and analyzes each athlete’s vital signs (ECG, heart-beat, temperature) and performance by:
–  speed, power,
–  distance covered,
–  number and length of sprints – with distinct ranges for speed phases and related heartbeat measurements.
2. The analytics user interface of the system is accessible via the Internet from thousands of miles away, allowing for real-time, detailed tracking of matches and training events.
3. The system features a sophisticated 3D soccer-field animation and replay application, which provides and on-line viewable,streaming playback view of matches and trainings, usable both in closed arenas and open field plays. This system gives stunning, in-depth details about plays.
4. Relocation of the complete system to another field is easy, as there are no fixed and attached, immobile components.
5. The system gathers data in a secure, centrally hosted database application, which is accessible to authenticated users at any time. The health data warehouse provides long-term analytics tools on the data stored about clubs and each players vital and health related data.




All in one system!

The I-QRS Team Sport telemetric system is the first integrated system that provides every information (vital and motion) real-time using only a simple, small chest-belt. The system provides access to the data from several thousand miles away from the place of the measurements.

With the help of different modules of the system, the collective and individual monitoring of players leads to more efficient trainings for each player, the whole team and the trainer. The telemetric module transfers data even during sports activities through wireless connection to a local and central server. The real-time analysis of the data enables the trainer to give feedback already during the sport activity. The telemetric module may also be important for the head-coach of a national team, or head-coach of a club, by allowing distance real-time observations of the players.

Detailed motion analysis, quick on-line reports, on-line monitoring and analysis of the vital parameters, together with the historical analysis, and individual player profiles may improve the tactical and physical performance of the players on a professional level.

With the help of the animations and tactical counseling support modules, the movement of players and their techniques may be analyzed and converted into computer animations of the playing field. A user-friendly software application helps to play back the sport activity in 2D and 3D on a computer screen after the trainings, making it possible to analyze the whole training process.
The animation system operates inside and outside as well.




Train animals with new technical opportunities! Our equine telemetric system has all the functions that are available for athletes. We will continuously and on-line monitor and analyze vital and motion signals of the horses during sport and other activities.

Interesting questions can be examined using the telemetric system such as:

How a horse tolerates transportation, training and races

How it reacts to various situations

– Before / After obstacles

– Trainer’s interventions

Full ECG signal transmission even while racing on the trotting course!

Objective condition comparison during sales transactions.




Take care of those in need far away! Nowadays a key problem of society is the growing number and ratio of people at high age, who require more supervision and care due to their corporal and mental status.

I-QRS is developing an artificially intelligent, life sign-preserving complete service which will track various vital signs automatically and continuously. With the help of this system, it is possible to ease the life of not just elderly people, but also provide aid to disabled persons, people in stress or remote locations.

Planned main features:

– detection of life threatening situations

– comprehensive and safe analysis of arrhythmias

– detection of even slight fevers

– the actual status of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve system

– downfall, immobility or spastic status

– exact location of the patient

– hampered respiration, wheeze




Improve human physical performance while constantly preserving health!

The I-QRS telemetric system monitors and controls the patients’ reactions to exercise, their functional process and adaptation process in order to avoid over-training, which may result in fatigue, mental and physical stress, a significant decrease in work capacity, and even illness and injuries.

We are developing a rehabilitation module which helps doctors, physiotherapist and other specialists to provide safe tele-control of rehabilitation activities, monitoring of the process, and give the right response in case of emergency.

The I-QRS system also helps developing more efficient training methods.


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