Road Freight Trucking from China to Europe – and rail freight or ship transport to the European Union & the United Kingdom


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Road Freight Trucking from China to Europe – and rail freight or ship transport to the European Union & the United Kingdom


We were pleased with the negotiation we had regarding logistics, on the road of success in our common future.

We are open to joint cooperation.

The three main topics of our preliminary consultation are the possibilities of transportation on the road, transportation by train or ship to the European Union and the United Kingdom.

  • Railway from China to Europe and CIS
  • Trucking from China to Europe / UK, CIS
  • Sea container shipping by ship from China to Europe and CIS


From China a trucks would transport the goods via Kazakhstan and/or Georgia to the European Union.
Passing through Hungary the goods would arrive in Germany, France and the United Kingdom, as well as to its final destination.


We are planning to approach the Hungarian border (European Union’s border) from two directions, both would pass through Serbia:

  1. From the port of Piraeus, Greece
  2. From the port of Bar, Montenegro, where there is:
    • RO – RO terminal
    • Wood terminal
    • Container terminal
    • General cargo terminal
    • High capacity terminal
    • Grain terminal
    • Liquid cargo terminal
    • Passanger terminal
  3. The goods are delivered via Serbia towards the southern border of Hungary by train or trucks.

By train or trucks we deliver the goods to its destination through the above mentioned countries to the European Union, where we are able to manage transshipment and clearance.

Our main site is in Calais, where our warehouse with the customs area is located.

What we provide and how can we help you:

  • Warehousing and cross-docking
  • Transportation of hazardous materials
  • Shipping and towing
  • Global logistics and E-commerce
  • Loading goods
  • Import and export activity


We can use express mail, or FTL shipment through
– Calais – Nuremberg – Stuttgart – Wien – Budapest to be forwarded to the warehouse.


Additional possibilities for delivery and arrival to the EU and UK:

  • Storage facility
  • Figaro warehouse
  • Cross docking,
  • Picking,
  • Sending orders,
  • E-commerce,
  • Shipping service
  • Customs on the E-commerce goods from China delivered to the territory of the European Union (VAT – which is determined by the law)

Arising needs during delivery:
Loading in the port of Calais,


Containerized and conventional cargo, cabling, railway activity, port management

  • Storage
  • Customs clearance and VAT payment
  • or storage of the goods in a duty-free area and further transportation in the future
  • Transshipment
  • Unaccompanied trailers for rail activity, RORO
  • Port management
  • 21000 square meter warehousre in Calais, that complies with HACCP regulations
  • Further transportation
  • Picking
  • Using fastmail
  • Storage and delivery of returned goods

Clerk performing sanitary inspections


Further questions:

  • Products subject to excise duty,
  • coffee,
  • alcoholic beverages,
  • cigarettecigars,
  • Electric cigarette refill liquid… etc.

Additional services:

  • Secure Trucks Parking 300 spaces
  • Tank Cleaning Station ISO 22 000
  • Full Comfort service 24/7, Food, Sanitary, Showers, TV, Vending Machine


  • Delivery of other dangerous goods
  • ADR certified products
  • Pyrotechnic products

Transportation of food and other perishable products were not mentioned in this summary. These products require further negotiations regarding storage, delivery and other issues.

Pickup of trailers in the terminal to Calais, European Union and the United Kingdom

We provide shipping solutions in our local and European network.

Ability to adapt to transportation solutions.


Further detailed information can be requested from the IMN. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.




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