Mineral Water Bottling Plant For Sale


Mineral Water Bottling Plant For Sale

The seller has exclusive ownership in ratio 1/1 over the property registered and named as a property of area 938 m2 other building, bottling plant, together with complete machinery and know-how for sale.


The exploitable quantity of the deep-boring well of the bottler plant is 65 million litre/year according to its water laws license.

As there is an apple plantation of ca.5 hectare next to the plant, also for sale, 10 million litre/year water capacity of the well is reserved for sprinkling purposes.

Therefore 55 million litre/year water can be used for bottling. The output of the mineral water well can be increased up to 200 million litres/year depending on the capacity of the pump, by amendment of the water laws license.


Looking on the bottling technology side the capacity of the currently installed blowing and filling technology is 5.000 bottles/hour, calculated with 1,5 litre PET bottles.

That means a 2 to 2,5 million bottles filling capacity in a month. The production line is able to produce both carbonic and non-carbonated water.

The plant is modern, it ran about six months since its start 5 years ago.  Staff demand is 10 to 12 workers per shift, which can be increased with staff for administration and logistic.


The product of the company is accredited natural mineral water.

On the basis of the examined components the water can be classified as natural mineral water „for internal use” according to the requirements of the Appendix 2. Article 1. „The characteristics of accredited natural mineral water” of the order 74/1999. (XII.25.) EüM „about the natural medicinal elements”.

On the basis of the examined components the water is suitable for bottling as natural mineral water according to the order 65/2004.(IV. 27.) FVM-ESZCSM-GKM „About bottling natural mineral water and spring-water”.



According to the Appendix 5 the following statements relating to the components can be indicated on the bottle: „suitable for sodium-poor diet”. The water meets the quality Baby-water on the basis of its natural features and also babies and small children may drink it without clarifying. Its component makes it possible for the mothers to give it to their babies in unrestricted quantity without any negative effect to the organism of the babies.

The mineral water is free from by-flavour, so it is perfectly good for slaking one’s thirst. Its sodium content is very low, but at the same time it is rich in potassium and magnesium, that are essential for the growth and hardening of the bones of small children.


Moreover is not processed with chemicals and is free of every materials that could be dangers for babies (sodium, nitrite). Therefore it is excellent suitable for thinning of nutriments and for preparing their various nourishments.

Due to components the water is of calcium-magnesium-hydrogen-carbonate characteristic and hard water which has low sodium content.

Components determining the character of the water, and chemical components with biological impact, taking out from the results of the detailed analysis:


The water does not content exceptionable quantity of inorganic macro pollutions (ammonium, nitrate, nitrite), micro pollutions (cyanide, arsenic, metal), and organic micro pollutions (phenol, THP-oil, BTEX, VOCI, PAH, pesticides), methane, and is suitable also from bacteriological point of view. The actual capacity is 4000 to 4500 bottles/hour. The total capacity of the well is 220 million litres per year. Due to the current licenses 55 million litres mineral water can be obtained.

A complete production line for bottling of the mineral water is installed in the hall together with conveyor for forwarding of the bottles, bottle-washer, bottle-charger and locking, bottle cap conveyor, machine for dating and labelling. The line is completed with shrink foil and fastener machine, so the complete working process of the mineral water bottling can be accomplished. The similarly new bottle- blower machine is suitable for making 6.000 bottles per hour, and can be used for producing plastic bottles of volume 0,5 to 2 litres due to the used blowing cliché.

The Seller guarantees that the water bottled by him meets also at present the parameters certified by the expert’s report made known in the previous section.


The seller has exclusive ownership in ratio 1/1 over the property registered and named as a property of area 938 m2 other building, bottling plant, together with complete machinery and know-how needed for operating the mineral water bottling plant, as well as the water laws license and register-book needed for producing mineral water. Guiding price for sale: 1 million euro. Further information may be requested from Intercontact.


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