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Webtalk | Communicate better. Personal and business relationship.

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Use Webtalk’s patent-pending technologies to take back control and create more success. The world’s 1st universal contact management system for both personal and business use. Syndicate your news to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Slack at the same time. Connect with friends, colleagues and the world on Webtalk.

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Newsfeeds are pretty much one of the main reasons for having a social media account. Webtalk filed a patent on its real-time network feed. The patent caters to the process of posting news and even includes the history of their network newsfeeds. Posting to Webtalk’s newsfeed offers several unique features:

  • Share to the public or to either your professional and personal.
  • Post to default private group channels and even mark a post as “Confidential”, which removes the sharing functions and stamps the post with a large red “Confidential” stamp that lets your connections know not to share it.
  • Attach any kind of file to your posts like photos, videos, and documents of all types.

Webtalk states that soon subscribers will also be able to syndicate all of their posts to other social media sites, which means you never have to leave Webtalk. Viewing your posts within your newsfeed also has several unique features:

  • View posts from the pages you follow, your professional connections, your personal connections and even your private groups using the channel filter.
  • Search your newsfeed with a built-in keyword search feature.
  • Filter your newsfeed by media attachments: all photos feed (like Instagram), all videos feed (like YouTube) and an all documents feed (like Dropbox).

Accessing Webtalk anywhere is not going to be a problem because users can also view the website on their mobile phones.

Webtalkers the best way to build a strong community is trust, this is our community, we are trust each other and collaborate with each other.

Webtalkers are now have traffic on their social platform, they sharing what they love and they share post from their friends.

Referral rewards:  Earn 10 % revenue share for life

Free access to Webtalk is only available through invitation.

Intercontact WP Blog readers can get their free Webtalk access by clicking on the link below:

Free Webtalk Invitation Link

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The OCEARCH an collaborative, inclusive and open-sourced project to geared to helping scientists collect previously unattainable data on animal movements from deep in the world’s oceans.
Track sharks, whales, turtles, seals, dolphins, alligators


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